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What I Learned This Year in School

By December 31, 2014 October 20th, 2018 One Comment

In 2014, I learned that John Dewey was right when he said, “education is life.”

When I first read those words in Democracy and Education, I thought both “duh!” and “huh?” But over the course of the past year, I understood the beautiful simplicity in Dewey’s proclamation. And I suddenly saw what is on the line for every child around the world– the future, their future.

Also in 2014, someone I respect a great deal told me that there is no such thing as balance. It was another “duh!/huh?” moment.  But I think I get it now. If we are learning, we are naturally off-kilter because learning causes us to continually tip to one side or the other and all of the places in between.

So, one of my resolutions for 2015 is to stop talking about finding balance – not because I don’t think it an extremely valid life goal, but because it isn’t the state of being I want to achieve. If I did, I wouldn’t have gone back to school while teaching school while my own children are in school.

If I did, I wouldn’t have grown several feet taller, and a few inches askew, at least in my imagination.



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